"My journey from Hollywood Nobody to someone who get's paid to do this sort of thing."

Monday, September 29, 2008

Brief Catch-Up

I haven't been blogging lately, and well...that's a bad thing. So, I will be writing a blog to catch everyone up on my graduation, England vacation, "The Projectionist," and my new script "Blood is Blood" very soon; like today or tomorrow-ish.

~T² out

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Rough Draft Passes

That's right boys and girls, the very rough draft of The Projectionist passed for my grad review, which only tells me one thing; okay, one of two things:

Either 1) passing grad review isn't that hard, or 2) I'm a better writer than I thought I was. I'm going to run with two, as it will keep me motivated to finish the second draft, which is about a third of the way done, btw.

I'm gonna send the rough draft to my buddy Russell Hess who is interested in packaging it and getting it made with me--which would be awesome, cause, yeah--and, so...hopefully, he'll like it.

* wink


Went and saw Step Brothers last night, and was pleasantly surprised. John C. Reilly is the man, and Mary Steenburgen is still worth traveling through time to be with!

Originally, we were going to see Pineapple Express, but the theatre was too crowded (the only seats were in the front row) and I wasn't about to have any of that, so we saw the silly film instead. It was hilarious. I'm not going to buy it, but I'll probably watch it again (I haven't laughed that hard in a long while [you know, spitting-out-your-drink-laughing]).

Well, I"m off to class. I'll talk to you later.

~T² out

Monday, August 4, 2008

Soul Calibur IV

I have no excuse.

But I'm addicted. Suffice to say, I haven't written a whole lot. But I will. As it is due. For Grad review. :/

More to come shortly, but in the meantime, here's the wallpaper I promised (click on it for full sized version):

~T² out

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Preparing for Judgement Day

Today I sit down with my instructor to discuss whether I have a shot in hell of passing my grad review based solely on my screenplay. Gulp.

I've handed it off to some fellow students as well as to a couple of other faculty as well. So, hopefully after today and after I hear back from everyone else, I'll have enough to go on, in terms of rewriting, that is.

I made a new wallpaper last night--The brilliant Ryoko Hirosue is its subject--and will be posting it soon. I'm at school now and not in front of my computer, or I would have posted it already. So far, Superman, Batman, The Punisher, Harry Potter and the Gang, Ryoko Hirosue, a baby with a lot of guns, and myself have served as fodder for my ever increasing wallpaper creation fetish. Yum. I wonder who will be next?


Okay. Darth Vader moment over. I'm okay now. Seriously.

Well, I guess I should stop rambling, but I feel I must leave you with something random. Went to Chipotle today. I love this place and fully recommend the following:

Chicken Burrito w/
White Rice
Pinto Beans
Fajita Vegies
Red Salsa (hot)
Corn Salsa (medium)


~T² out

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rough Draft

The hard part is over, the rough draft has been written.

Now I get to sit back and wait for feedback from my teachers and fellow students.

I gave a copy to Tyler--the guy who pitched this idea to me--as well, so I hope he likes it. Or, at least, can find something in it to like and give me positive feedback in order to help get the script to a place that we're both happy with it.

I haven't actually read it yet, but plan to tomorrow morning...once I've taken 24 hours to try and forget about it.

My grad review is on August 8th, so I don't have much time to make revisions before I have to give them a copy to read. So, I hope the rough draft is passable, since I'm pretty sure that's the one they're going to get. :/

Now, it's time to gear up and get ready for the next few months, cause this is what's going to happen:

1. I'm going to graduate from Brooks.

2. I'm going to England to visit my brother.

3. I'm going to dive into pre-production for "A Permanent Mark," a short film that I already have some funding to shoot--which is exciting--and scary, because the last time I tried to shoot something it kind of fell apart.

4. I need to get a job, either directing, or editing, or selling cars, or whatnot.

5. I need to get the script for "The Projectionist" in a shootable and sellable shape, so that I can get funding to shoot it too.

And 6. I need to continue to write every day.

I think if I strive for these things, I'll be paving the right path.

Well...I'm done boring you.

~T² out

PS: Oh, and I need to watch "The Dark Knight" again. - Tom

Ze Script...

Is done. More later tonight. Right now, I sleep. LOL

~T² out